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Living life starts with food. All day, every day, it's our energetic fuel. But food is not purely functional. Food and the experience of eating feels good. However, how we feel afterward is the real test of truly good food. Does it energize us and lift our spirits? Does it make us feel nourished and supported? Does it increase our capacity to thrive? These are the questions we've begun asking ourselves. Because at the end of the day, it's all about feeling good, doing good, and living good.

At BimBeriBon, we want you to live your best life, and we believe that starts with good food. But we want it to be delicious too! So our menu is full of only "real, feelgood food." We welcome you to come in, enjoy its deliciousness, and then go out to enjoy living on the energy it brings.

"We want you to live your best life, and we believe that starts with good food."

—Reza Setayesh

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Travel Guide: Exploring Asheville

Amber Gibson For Ruby Travel Expert

Autumn is a stunning time to visit Asheville, N.C., when the leaves emerge in a range of red, orange and yellow hues. Plus, with arguably the best food scene

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Meet the Foodtopians

Asheville Independent Restaurant Association

AIR is a community of innovative chefs - Meet the Foodtopians!

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Neighborhood Eats: BimBeriBon


BimBeriBon, located along Haywood Road, is one of only two restaurants in Asheville that are completely gluten free.

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BimBeriBon: Innovative and Gluten-Free Fusion Cuisine in Asheville

Smoky Mountain

BimBeriBon brings new diversity to the fusion concept, drawing on unexpected themes and flavors to create an inspired, eclectic menu. Most impressively, the...

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Lunch Date at BimBeriBon: Comfort Food with a Healthy Edge

Asheville Date Night Guide

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, BimBeriBon has created an intentional menu with inspirations from around the globe.

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The 10 Hottest New Restaurants in Asheville, North Carolina


This wheat-free, refined-sugar-free eatery echoes a Parisian patisserie with subway tile and linear seating, but offers a complete three meals, coffee, and...

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BimBeriBon – what does it mean?

The Carolina Epicurean

West Asheville – Before spilling the BimBeriBon beans on what the name means, I want to tell you about this sweet new West Asheville eatery.

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#BucketDish – Salmon Ricotta Toast at BimBeriBon

GVL Today

When the owners of Asheville’s Rezaz open an outpost in West Asheville you put it on your #bucketdish. The counter service eatery named BimBeriBon is a...

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Keeping it real: Asheville restaurants commit to food transparency


“It’s fairly easy to make food taste good with white flour, white sugar and cheap oil, and that’s a lot of what’s going on in the world — and actually our...

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Dining review: BimBeriBon

Citizen Times

BimBeriBon opened in October in the former Barleycorn location on Haywood Road, to much chatter. FAQs include what does the name mean? And how do you order?

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Exploring Asheville: 5 Days In A Musical Oasis


This time around I feasted on BimBeriBon’s “real, feelgood food” and chatted about the Grateful Dead and jam scene with one of the restaurant’s founders...

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Brunching Better at BimBeriBon

Life in the AVL

My favorite time to eat at BimBeriBon is for brunch on Sunday. Every single thing [we] ordered we raved about; and we ordered a lot of things.

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